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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1 Movie Review

I was not able to consume my drink and enjoy my popcorn.I normally finish it off by the end of the movie but Edward, Bella and Jacob just took me to other dimension! That's how I enjoy the first part of Breaking Dawn! I totally forget about eating while watching because I want to hear every word the characters say rather than the sound of the popcorn makes. I have the full focus on the movie!

It was worth waiting! My elder sister bought our tickets yesterday which is the official start of screening but all the tickets for that day are sold out and ours is scheduled today instead. I almost lost my seat  since I had to go to my dentist but I  fortunately made it.

It's really a good thing they have decided to cut Breaking Dawn into two parts! I see all the things I want to see.I am satisfied this time! I was smiling, grinning, giggling but it didn't bring me to my tears. Just had teary eyes.My tears didn't drop though. It was for the merry moments of the movie and I could feel how happy the couple is. The feelings of Bella's parents on her wedding day touched me so much. I thought for a while... would mine be that emotional? The wedding and the honeymoon is so romantic.So love the location. It was perfect! Just perfect for me! Blue waters, white sand, green trees, cool waterfall and nice sunset! Breaking Dawn has met my expectations!

I love everything I see on screen. Bella's wedding gown is beautiful. The pieces she wears at Isle Esme are all wonderful. I appreciate all the purple gowns wore by Esme and Alice! However, it wasn't emphasized that Bella's into eating eggs while at the island. I remember reading from the book that she finds herself cooking the same thing and surprised by that craving.

Thank you to the makers of the film for bringing it on screen.Watching it completes the scenes I have in my brain. Seeing the Cullens and the pack of werewolves in motion makes me love Stephenie Meyer much!Reading her books first before going to the cinema gets me so excited! She is indeed an intelligent writer. I admire how she arranges the sequence of events.I am awed by her cleverness. I appreciate how she represents the issue on love, family, friendship,belongingness and territory. Stephenie has chosen best titles for her books!

Don't be miserable for somebody that you can't have. One line in the movie that reminds us to let go and be happy for that person if he is happy to be with somebody else. Breaking Dawn teaches acceptance, forgiveness, reconciliation and great things that love can do.

Congratulations for the great movie and looking forward to watching the second part of Twilight's sequel!

If you haven't read the book nor seen the movie yet, the summary I made for the first part of the book might give you an idea about the movie: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Summary

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