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Saturday, November 05, 2011

Dayang Beach Resort

I just visited a remote beach resort located in Dadatan, Talicud, Island Garden City of Samal. It takes us an hour to reach the unexploited white sand beach from Sta Ana Wharf. However, Dayang Beach Resort is not totally isolated.
There's no regular boat that could take you there any day of the week unless you make a deal and pay for the solo trip. We went there on a Saturday trip that leaves at 1 pm and desert the island Monday morning at 7am. That's the boat schedule we know.
There's advantage if you live around Samal. It's not easy to get there if you're from Davao City. Taking alternative routes by land will definitely cost you more than taking the boat that goes straight to Talicud. It certainly gives you uncomfortable travel experience so you better check the day and time of travel if you decide to go.
The rooms are not great compared to those in Paradise Island, Costa Marina, Blue Jaz, Pearl Farm, Camp Holiday and other popular resort in the island.On the contrary, our room is good enough to keep us warm in a cold and windy night. Dayang is still in the process of developing and improving their facilities to attract more visitors.The hard thing there is the insufficient source of tap water. We brought distilled water for drinking but we had to buy for cooking and bathing. The water that comes out from the faucet is still saltwater! It was our agony.
What I love in Dayang is the clear waters, the white sand beach, the seashells on the seashore, the perfect view of the tallest mountain the Philippines-Mt. Apo and the afternoon delight while swimming under the sunset sky! I enjoyed snorkeling. I saw three different kinds of sea urchins, big starfish and other marine life. I could see the down cut underwater that shows the opening of the deeper part of the sea! Lying outside our cottage while looking at the bright stars above gives me a blissful feeling. How I love doing it and bonfire completes the night.

I went to Dayang Beach Resort with my fellow teachers.It has a family house as well as open and close cottages.We had a long weekend and it's our way of shrugging off our stress by having R&R activity (rest&recreation).


Ranjeet Kumar said...

The beach resort holidays are best accommodation choice for tourists, these resorts offer a spectacular view of the splendid sun, sand, and sea right from the spaciously designed and well-appointed guestrooms. Pampering the visitors to their heart's desire

Anonymous said...

kinsa ng naka-shades? cute lagi.. hehhehe (^_^)

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