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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pacquiao vs Marquez III

Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao is still the WBO Welterweight Champion after fighting with Juan Manuel Marquez. Pacman won by majority decision in their third match. Maria Aragon sings the Philippine National Anthem while American idol finalist Thia Megia sings "Stars Spangled Banner".

The pound-for-pound king gives a nice blow in the last few seconds of Round 3. Marquez , on the other hand shows good hits on Manny's body and face. In Round 6, Pacquiao was noticeably hit but Marquez's forehead starts getting red. In the following round, the Mexican boxer gives Manny a nice hit and his opponent was not able to answer back! Follow up jabs would have been great for Marquez!
Marquez's foot on Pacquiao's- accident or intentional?
Round 9 excites me. I see exchange hits. The people inside the MGM are standing and cheering! I thought it was the start of real action of the fight! Both boxers are aggressive until the end of the match but there was no KO. Manny's wife Jinky Pacquiao had red and teary eyes but her expression changes when her husband's title is retained as announced in the boxing ring.
Doubts start to arise after the fight.I hear people saying it's not a good fight. They say Manny is not the real champ. Others say Marquez should have won. I hope the video on Foot Stopper Trick by Juan Manuel Marquez will make you realize that Manny deserves to win and retain his title.You'll definitely agree on his answer during the post fight interview when he said "It's clear I won the fight" after seeing the youtube video.

Congratulations  Manny for making us proud again! I'm certain you're not one of those dirty fighters!

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