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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown- Reward Challenge 1

Tala tribe wins in their first reward challenge. Bulan tribe made it first to climb up the barriers and to take out all the puzzle pieces but the yellow team did solve the puzzle successfully and get the immunity idol. Thus, sparing themselves for the first tribal council where they eliminate one castaway.

The reward for this challenge is shelter materials. Tala's getting rope, swing, flint and roof materials. These are the things that they primary need to get enough sleep in order to do well in their next challenges.Having these will make their survival in the island easier for them than sleeping under the rain and wet ground!

The original challenge is called the Quest for Fire but unfortunately bad weather has stopped them in proceeding the game. The remaining 19 castaways (Geneva quits) experience sudden terror while on the boat. They were about to go to the challenge area but the survivor production team decides to postpone it.

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