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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Geneva Quits Leaving KC Behind

Geneva Cruz decides to quit and gives up the chance to play for Survivor Philippines season 4 leaving her partner KC.Her man is asked if he's willing to play alone if allowed. KC said yes and that made Geneva's heart go wild inside. She can't the accept KC's decision to continue the game.He's into it while Geneva is not interested in getting the 'sole survivor' title and winning the 3 million pesos.The singer-actress feels extremely hurt because KC is choosing survivor than her!

Personally, I think Geneva is not physically and emotionally ready to accept the challenge. After all her drama I could see that she's the kind of woman who wanted to be treated as the princess all the time. To be protected by the man she chose to be with.It looks like she's requiring her partner to act the way she wants him to be. I understand it's not easy to sacrifice the comforts you enjoy at home just to be in an island and fight for your survival. I think it would be better if she used her brain more than her heart.It seems like Geneva's looking for KC's support for her. Did she forget that she could have supported him too by taking it easy?By trying harder? Perhaps she couldn't bear the month long stay in Palawan having the same struggles everyday. Well, that's who she is. I don't think she gets good showbiz offers after what happened. The whole thing we see in her in this season is her weakness. I'm a woman and I pity her because she can't hide her real emotions and just let it go. The bad thing is millions had seen her on TV and that made her in the hot seat now.

I appreciate the patience that KC's showing her. It is thought that women usually act like Geneva! I salute men who can handle women acting this way! I hope KC will enjoy survivor, make good alliance and stay  long. I'd love to see how he will play the game and survive without Geneva by her side.

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