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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Labor Day in the Philippines

It's holiday today since its Labor Day. In the Philippines, march rallies are practiced annually on this day to show their concerns and messages for the government.It was reported that there were about 10-15Thousands people marched going to Mendiola in Manila. These people were asking for an increase pay to their monthly salaries. They did cultural presentations that portrays their wants. They did noise for their plight.Different groups marched in Liwasan, Bonifacio and Rotonda. They maybe different labor groups but they only have one goal. That is to asked PGMA an addition Php 125.00 to their minimum wage and lower the prices of basic commodities since their income are always the same! However, there was a peaceful rally. PNP had no headaches with their demonstrations. People voluntarily disperse after their activity. Public school teachers were also asking for an increase pay for their job. According to them their monthly salary is not enough to feed the entire family. That Magna Carta for Public School Teachers should be put into practice to help them. This states the benefits that a teacher should enjoy while in service. PGMA announced that she already signed the proposal of the 10% wage increase for public workers. On the private sector, they say that they cant afford to increase their laborer's salary for now because their company cannot tend to it. A guy was interviewed by a reporter and he said that the government should give priority to those who have are jobless because they were unable to finish their school. They're having a hard time in looking for a job. There are still programs of the government suited for them. On the other hand, the government has nothing to do with it if they were unable to finish their school. "Poverty is not a hindrance to success". If there's a will to pursue your education, there are ways on how to make it possible despite of scarcity that you have in life.

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