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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Pink and Purple

If you're asking me who these people are, they are the first batch of participants of Pinoy Fear Factor.From left to right we have Jommy (The Ulimate Participant/Winner),Marion and Janna with a fan. Janna was Jommy's last contender in getting the 2 Million pesos, a car plus the house and lot.Since the last challenge involved driving Jommy had the advantage.
I like the photo above because Janna's wearing my two favorite colors!Matching pink and purple is a perfect combination for me. It's so cool to my eyes! I'm tracking them while they were still in Argentina and what made me like Janna is her attitude.In every task she showed that a girl has power to succesfully perform the challenges of Fear Factor. Unlike the normal girls, giving up easily is a common thing.Her spirit inspires every Filipina and the things that she did in Buenos Aires proves that we can compete with men.Furthermore, she's dubbed as the Miss Flawless of Pinoy Fear Factor.

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