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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Survivor Philippines Celebrity Doubles Showdown

The division of castaways is done by letting the first two couples who found the immunity bracelet to choose their fellow tribe members.
Moon Tribe
  • Arnold Aninion & John Odulio- Philippine Volcanoes Members
  • KC Montero & Geneva Cruz- former couple
  • Maribel & Mara- mother and daughter
  • Stef Prescott & Gino de la Pena- starstruck alumna and model-actor
  • Alyssa Milano & Aifa- bestfriends
Star Tribe
  • Chuckie Dreyfuss & Isabel Granada
  • Carlo & Arthur- celebrity cousins
  • Ellen & Fillo- couple
  • Jackie Foster & Angelicopter
  • Maey & Betong- comedy duo
On the first day in the island, Genniva feels she's being used by KC and is determined to quit. It seems that she's being forced to join the said reality TV show. Alyssa Milano and Aifha have misunderstanding too that adds to the steaming environment of the castaways.

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